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Singing Bowl Blog

Some Things to Keep in Mind When You Shop for Singing Bowls


The Himalayan bowls can give you the widest selection of new handmade singing bowls as well as genuine antique ones that are quite fine. You must know that their harmonics are quite gentle and also the effect is very calming and relaxing. You need to have a vintage singing bowl if you want a really relaxing and harmonious sound in the world. New singing bowls are affordable unlike the antiques and they also sound great.


The new handmade ones are created just like those fine antiques and they also have a similar metal and construction method that has been used for many centuries. Moreover, you have to know that the tone of the new Silver Sky Imports bowls is actually sharper and more metallic than the antique ones. Also, the vibration of the newly made bowls is much more powerful too. It is also a great thing that they ring longer unlike the antiques and there are also some that ring for minutes in a single tap. You may shop by size, color, age and price.


You also need to know that the new handmade bowls come with so many colors but they are still created from the same great quality bell metal bronze and you can also choose from the plain or those with patterns which are engraved in them that come with a Tibetan motif. But, you must know that there are various fake antiques online. Those large dealers are going to sell new bowls and they would name them antique or old. You should therefore find a good seller that would sell great antique singing bowls that are antique.


If you are going to shop for a singing bowl, it is really important that you make that personal choice. If you are shopping for a singing bowl from this website, you have to consider the sound since this is the most important. You should choose a sound that you want the most. You need to spend time to listen to sound clips so that you can really find the one that sounds great. You can also compare various sounds. You should choose the sound that you want. If you are buying this as a gift, you have to think of the person whom you would give such gift to. You can try to imagine the reaction of the person who is going to receive this. You must choose one that can make one happy.