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Singing Bowl Blog

Singing Bowls and Their Many Uses


There is an item that is claimed to come mainly from Tibet, and is used for meditation, relaxation and healing purposes. This small, circular bowls that function like bells and have a melodious sound when played are called singing bowls. The Tibetan Llamas have been using it for thousands of years, although is also known to be played in Nepal, India and Bhutan. Since these were considered sacred, their existence was kept secret until the Chinese invaded Tibet in the 1950's. And from that time on, the knowledge of the singing bowls have slowly spread and their use become common in different cultures.


In the past, singing bowls from were made from seven mixtures of metals, however, the singing bowls of today are made only of three or five mixture of metals. The bowl produces tones that allow you to relax deeply and supposedly create a harmony between your body and soul. It is claimed that when the ringing bowl is placed on your body, every cell of your body is reached with the vibrations that massage the cells while passing through the body. This would lead you to relax and provide healing to sick or damaged bodies.


The singing bowl is played in two ways, one is to strike it with a mallet and the second is to rub the bowl with a wooden stick, and this would produce a continuous singing tones. If you like a cellular sound massage, you prepare yourself by lying flat on your back, place the singing bowl on your chest with a pad to avoid a slip, then strike the mallet to produce the sound. When you hear the tones, you will begin to feel the sound waves passing through your body. With your chest are the large air chamber, the sound will resonate inside your chest and on to the rest of your body. As you concentrate, your body enters into a deeply relaxed state because of the combined sensations of the sound and vibration. You can also find a therapist to arrange the silver sky imports bowl for you on your body if you want to have different positions.

Note that striking the bowl makes it resonate while rubbing it will make it sing, with the difference lie on the isolation of a single note. Singing bowls can be used for your own meditation and relaxation. They can also be used in yoga classes to begin and end the class for relaxation as the exercise ends.